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Unger Case Study


Marketplaces are intricate and fiercely competitive ecosystems. Among the many challenges of operating on platforms like Amazon, effective stock management stands out as a particularly complex endeavour. When your products gain popularity, they inevitably attract competitors and generate more data. To maintain a leading position, it's imperative to commit to ongoing analysis and allocate resources accordingly. Indecision and misinterpretation of data can have dire consequences for the fate of your products, as nimble competitors are poised to capitalise on any missteps or missed opportunities, potentially resulting in substantial losses.


The brand's presence on the platform has been on a steady rise, attracting new competitors in the same product category. Over the past year, the products have consistently enjoyed a high sell-through rate. This presented the ongoing challenge of ensuring that we maintain optimal stock levels and establish reliable supplier availability. This is crucial to prevent traffic and conversions from being diverted to our competitors. Our success in navigating this challenge has been driven by two key strategies. Firstly, we've implemented a robust system for clear reporting and in-depth analysis, enabling us to monitor and adjust our performance effectively. Additionally, we've proactively aligned the brand with the ever-changing dynamics of the marketplace. Through these efforts, the brand has maintained the sales volumes and secured their position in the market.


Sales increase year-over-year


Average units requested per quarter


Products live on Amazon

*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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