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Seltmann Case Study


Seltmann is a cutlery brand with a dual focus, catering to both consumers and professional buyers, including restaurants, hotels, and offices. Among these professional buyers, even those making smaller quantity purchases collectively constitute a significant market segment. For more than a decade, Seltmann's products have been available on Amazon, primarily in Germany. Vanquish was brought on safeguard their brand image and ensure visibility within this particular target market.


In the initial stage of our partnership, our primary emphasis was on enhancing the performance of product pages that were already generating conversions. Subsequently, we embarked on an ambitious project, developing and launching countless pages across the Pan-European platform. Through a combination of optimisation efforts and the introduction of bulk discounts, we successfully established bulk purchase options on the Amazon BISS platform. This strategic approach has now positioned the brand for sustained success in the rapidly expanding catering industry, setting the stage for growth over the next decade.


Increase in sales


Products online


Increased visability

*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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