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OCCO Case Study


OCCO came to us at just £450,000 in annual revenue, having built a business primarily selling on eBay. The owners were fulfilling orders from a small workshop in the UK and did not know how best to expand. Vanquish built a strategy which began with helping remove the owners as key components in the operation and matching them with a suitable 3PL partner to outsource fulfilment to, and then expanding efficiently across new channels…and ultimately continents!

12 Months Supplying major retailers

3 Months Completely Outsourced Logistics

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Channels Amazon, Wayfair, Brand Alley, Secret Sales, Groupon, ManoMano, Westwing, Vivre, Wayfair, Overstock, Container Store, Walmart, Target 

Retailers The Range, Homebase, Costco

Services VanquishAlliance



  • The owners found themselves entrenched in day-to-day operations without an infrastructure to support expansion

  • They lacked familiarity with 3PL outsourcing and were unsure of where to start


  • Sales were limited to eBay, primarily driven by competitive pricing strategies

  • While there was a desire to expand to platforms like Amazon, they lacked the expertise and resources to manage and integrate multiple channels effectively


Vanquish devised a strategy aimed at granting the owners of OCCO newfound freedom from the operational intricacies, thereby creating space for growth. We facilitated the engagement of a 3PL service provider based in Shropshire, proficient in storing, picking, and packing orders, coupled with negotiated carrier rates and seamless integration. This strategic move liberated the owners from logistical concerns, enabling them to shift their focus towards strategic business management.

With logistical matters efficiently delegated, we conducted extensive market and competitor research to pinpoint optimal selling channels for expansion, including opportunities in both retail and overseas markets. Subsequently, Vanquish assumed responsibility for the comprehensive onboarding, listing, and ongoing management of each new channel, leveraging API and automation to streamline operations and maximise efficiency.


We conducted thorough market and competitor research to pinpoint the most suitable selling channels for the company's expansion efforts, while also identifying lucrative opportunities in both retail and international markets. Taking charge of the complete onboarding, listing, and ongoing management of each new channel, we utilised API and automation to enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

OCCO Case Study


Within 3 months, the company successfully transitioned to fully outsourced logistics while also expanding its sales reach across multiple platforms including Amazon, Wayfair, Brand Alley, Secret Sales, Groupon, and Mano Mano. By the 12-month mark, they had secured partnerships with major retailers such as Homebase and The Range, supplying them with full container load quantities. Additionally, they attained the status of a volume Vendor on Amazon's 1P program. Subsequently, the company expanded its market presence into Europe through strategic distributor partnerships, followed by entry into the USA market via carefully selected eCommerce partners.


  •  Revenue increased from £450K to £4m


  • Monthly full container orders from Homebase, The Range & Costco


  • Amazon

  • Wayfair

  • Brand Alley

  • Secret Sales

  • Groupon

  • Mano Mano


  • Westwing (EU)

  • Vivre (EU)

  • Wayfair (USA)

  • Overstock (USA)

  • Container Store (USA)

  • Walmart (USA)

  • Target (USA)

The company was able to exit in 2020 when it was acquired by a major competitor. Vanquish remained with the parent company and have gone on to manage its own D2C sales operation.

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