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Makita Case Study


For brands with a well-established offline presence and a strong distribution network, venturing onto Amazon might initially seem unnecessary. Nevertheless, it's crucial for them to regard the platform not as a superfluous step but as a final opportunity to solidify and maintain control over their brand's reputation. Ceding this substantial market share to third-party vendors could potentially have adverse consequences on the brand's overall perception, potentially spilling over into their offline endeavors.


Through the inclusion of Makita's complete product range, encompassing accessories and spare parts, we enabled the brand to seamlessly integrate the platform into their established distribution strategy. Leveraging their reputable name and the exceptional quality of their products, the popularity of their offerings ensured that success extended even to products that typically receive less attention.


Products requested monthly


Products onboarded


Sales increase year-over-year

*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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