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GoSleep Case study


A large mattress manufacturer with 360m in B2B revenue worldwide recruited Vanquish to establish its B2C offering. The company recognised the challenges in the B2B retail market, and their dependence on private label brands for their success. Vanquish were tasked with creating a fresh D2C brand and implementing a strategy which would replace all B2B sales with B2C by 2024. The organisations existing technology was not fit for purpose and no order management existed to process orders, on top of having ZERO online presence.

$0-$20k per week within 30 day

100% growth week on week

Niche Mattress In A Box

Channels Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Target, B2B

Social Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

Services Website, Branding, Social Medias, Amazon Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shipping Tech, Channel Management


GoSleep is a consumer brand under one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the industry, with a group revenue over €100m. The parent company, having private label supplied some of the biggest household names in the world, had seen a huge decline in sales post-pandemic as customers felt the pinch.


 The company came to us with no consumer brand and no retail sales whatsoever, looking to build and launch a brand quickly across as many channels as possible.


There were many challenges with this project initially.

Amazon orders took off quickly, and organically, and the US based warehouse team were unprepared for the volume of order handling required. Several SKU's sold out quickly, and additional materials were required to facilitate the manufacture of more!

Amazon became a volume channel for the brand right out of the gate, and we had to work closely with the brand and team to meet strict service expectations.


A blank canvas might sound fun, however, launching a wholesale oriented business in a hyper competitive online category is a huge challenge under any circumstances.

Our San Diego team put together our signature 'Growth Game Plan' within 3 days.

The initial plan and timeframes were bold.

We would build the brand, launch the D2C website on the Shopify Plus platform, and launch Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest social medias with active posting within 2 weeks. These elements were essential for establishing brand presence and the credibility we would need to facilitate applications with more selective retail partners.

Next, we would agree on the product lineup, set MSRPs and partner pricing matrix and make seller applications to Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Overstock, Hayneedle & Home Depot.

At the same time, the Spend less. Smile more. brand store would be built out and listings created.

Paid ads would go live across Amazon, Google and Facebook as soon as possible.

As the brand had no experience or software to handle direct-to-consumer orders, we vetted various solutions and concluded that Shipstation would be the simplest fit. We would implement the solution and provide training on order management.

Once fully on-boarded, we would then move to our 'MultiChannel Management' service which would cover website & marketplace management, full ad management, social media posting, engagement and ads, weekly consultation and unlimited support.

The retail business needed to be viable within 3 months due to the urgency conveyed by the company's President & CEO.

During the whole process, a weekly 'State Of Play' tracker would be presented to the partner, with real-time accessibility to view all completed and upcoming tasks.


Our client's objective was to create a brand that would evoke a warm, comfortable, and cosy sentiment. Given that the brand in question is related to mattresses, we aimed to establish a soft and gentle tone for the branding. To achieve this, we decided to incorporate a range of shades of blue as the primary brand colours. Blue is a non-stimulating colour that is widely associated with calmness, comfort, and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for our client's brand.


GoSleep Case study


GoSleep Case study


GoSleep Case study
GoSleep Case study


GoSleep Case study


Our process began with a meeting with our client to discuss and define the brief for the website while gathering all necessary requirements. We recognised that developing the GoSleep website was crucial in establishing the brand's online presence and credibility, which would ultimately facilitate applications with more selective retail partners. Since our client had a limited number of products to start with, we opted for a simple and straightforward website structure. To achieve this, we designed the main navigation to consist of five primary items, with no sub-items.


GoSleep Case study

To ensure a high-quality outcome and minimise design iterations once the website is in production, we crafted mockups and wireframes for each main website section, with each design tailored to meet specific business objectives. This preliminary planning phase is crucial to the success of the project, as it enables us to include all of the client's desired features and functionality while reducing the need for extensive modifications during the production stage.

GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study


Establishing a strong social media presence is a crucial factor in establishing a brand and gaining credibility with selective retail partners. Today's US consumer thoroughly examines a brand across various channels before making a purchase, making it vital to have a robust social media presence. For our client in the Home product industry, we recognised that Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest were the most important platforms due to their highly visual nature. Since our client had no prior online presence, we developed a meticulously crafted strategy that allowed for initial industry engagement and community-building. Our strategy centered on providing educational posts, which helped position the brand as an expert in the field by offering valuable advice and information. In addition, we created a Linktree account to streamline multiple brand links, connect all channels, and drive traffic to multiple sources.

GoSleep Case Study


As GoSleep lacked any prior presence on Amazon, we developed a new marketing strategy tailored to the digital environment. Our team commenced the process by setting up the Amazon account and optimising product listings, including product copy and creating ASIN variation families. We also developed and incorporated main and secondary product imagery, as well as infographics, to enhance the product pages' visual appeal. We built a branded storefront and implemented A+ content to elevate the brand's online presence on Amazon. To further drive sales, we designed and customised effective advertising campaigns to reach a broader audience.

GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Amazon.png
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study


GoSleep Case Study

Following extensive market research and the development of a strategic framework, we identified the following channels as the most appropriate for the initial stage of implementation. After gaining agreement on these channels, we completed the application process and expertly executed the onboarding process from start to finish, ensuring seamless integration.

GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Case Study
GoSleep Wayfair.png

In the case of Wayfair and Overstock, we initiated the account setup process and guided our client through the business verification process. We allocated company roles and ensured that all relevant contact information was accurate and up to date. Additionally, we created a comprehensive product catalog that included product onboarding, followed by creating and optimising all product listings in accordance with each channel's specific requirements and guidelines. To streamline the inventory management process, we also established inventory connections. To ensure our client's ability to independently navigate the platform, we provided the GoSleep team with in-depth tutorials and training videos to effectively operate these channels.

For Target and Walmart, we completed the business verification processes and established shipping profiles in accordance with our client's requirements. Additionally, we created and optimised product listings to increase visibility and drive sales on these channels.


Our team developed pitch decks for GoSleep to introduce the brand to potential retailers. These pitch decks consisted of a comprehensive company and brand background, detailed product information, unique selling points, and manufacturing capabilities. We ensured that the pitch deck style closely aligned with the content across other marketing channels, promoting brand and messaging unity, and ensuring consistent product representation.

GoSleep Case Study


Considering the brand's lack of experience and software in handling direct-to-consumer orders, we conducted a thorough evaluation of several solutions and determined that Shipstation would be the most suitable option. Shipstation's capabilities include efficient order processing and shipping, as well as simple inventory management. Since our client already had an ERP system for the company's wider operations, we did not deem it necessary to introduce a complex WMS or ERP system. Following this, we established the Shipstation account, integrated pertinent sales channels and data, and equipped the GoSleep team with comprehensive tutorials and training videos for the daily processes they would be required to execute.

GoSleep Case Study


Within 2 weeks, we had created branding and brand assets, a world class Shopify PLUS transactional website, 3 social media channels, an Amazon 3P presence with 60 A+ content rich listings and a beautiful Brand Store.


Week 1 sales were just $500, making $20k per week by week 4, now on track to an 8 figure online revenue.

Social media is gaining 300-500 new followers per week, with Instagram being the strongest platform for the brand followed closely by Pinterest.

Additionally, within 8 weeks we had initiated a 150,000 private label mattress deal with Ashley Furniture worth over $15m.

Parent Company Vice President

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