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Eikaso Case Study


Europe constitutes a multifaceted marketplace, marked by diverse languages, currencies, and taxation structures. Amazon provides a gateway to tap into these distinct local markets, concurrently expanding your presence across the broader European landscape. Nevertheless, achieving success on Amazon demands astute decision-making, timely choices, and access to precise data to guide these decisions. It necessitates the implementation of customised strategies and a targeted approach.


While Eikaso had a robust presence in the German market, they aspired to broaden their global footprint. Their product line, versatile for both professional and household use, had not been fully leveraged by allowing their offline distributors to list on niche marketplaces with limited audiences. By introducing their products on Amazon, Eikaso seized the opportunity to establish a prominent industry presence, surpassing many competitors who continue to rely on specialised and localised marketplaces, consequently reaching only a fraction of potential end-customers.


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*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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