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How To Expand Your Ecommerce Brand Into The USA.

Did you know that less than 2% of European eCommerce brands sell in America?

✔️ There will be £17 trillion in US eCommerce sales by 2027

✔️ 268 million active online shoppers

✔️ There is a 10-45X per SKU opportunity for European sellers

There are accelerators and aggregators, but they cater to the top 1% of brands, what about the rest of us? How do we scale the market?

On this webinar we are going to dispel the myths around doing business online in America, and show you:

🚀 How it's far from too competitive when approached properly

🚀 Why it's a blue ocean market for the right brand persona

🚀 Why you don't necessarily need a US legal entity

🚀 Why you don't have to do it in-house and employ lots of people & resource

🚀 Why you do not need a heavy cash injection to expand there

We're also going to show you exactly how to do the following for a risk-free US market entry:

🥊 Research the market and develop a solid Game Plan

🥊 Set up for legal, regulatory and tax compliance

🥊 Protect your brand & IP

🥊 Identify the right 3PL fulfilment partner for your product/sales profile

🥊 Position your UVP, USP and 'story' to resonate with the market

🥊 What a brand 'nucleus' is and why you need one in America

🥊 How to identify and access the right sales channels, then what to do with them

🥊 How to think beyond Amazon, and why it is crucial

🥊 How to make things run automatically and seamlessly, so you sell whilst you sleep

🥊 Some solutions to help you on your journey


Jonathan Staker - CEO @ Vanquish

Martin Zerrudo - Marketplace Specialist @ Quartile

Jared Smithson - US Tax & Regulatory Specialist @ RJM Tax Exemption

Marlena Aleksandra - Ecommerce Director @ Vanquish

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