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Lamel, which was already a well-known brand on Amazon US, decided to increase its customer pool and brand awareness even further by expanding in the new and fast-growing Amazon's European marketplaces. They needed active VATs in all the European marketplaces to start selling quickly, moreover, having a big catalogue with a huge product variety. They also needed someone that could take care of shipments and labelling activities. In May 2022, they got in touch with AIaaS which perfectly suited their needs through their multiple solutions and so the collaboration began.


A big brand, environmentally conscious and in step with the times which is not afraid to innovate relied on AIaaS for its brand to be handled in the highly competitive market of Amazon EU. Knowing that they will be always involved in important decision-making, they can now keep focussing on their growth process and be able to check their results through the detailed reports that AIaaS provides.


Products in 4 marketplaces


Days for the overall listing


Months to be live

*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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