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Unger Case Study


Marketplaces are complex, competitive environments. Stock management is one of the trickiest points of working with Amazon: if your products become popular enough, they will soon generate competition, and more data. Analysis and resources will be necessary in order to stay on top of it. Hesitation and wrong interpretation of data can be fatal for the fate of your products, as competition will be ready to benefit from your losses.


The brand has become increasingly popular on the platform, and competitors are starting to pop up within the same product category. The sell-through rate of the products has been consistently high in the last year, meaning that maintaining the correct levels of stock and the correct availability with the supplier, to avoid the traffic and conversion being diverted to the competitors, has been a challenge. Only by setting clear reporting and analysis and aligning the brand with the marketplace dynamics, we are successfully maintaining volumes.


Sales increase year-over-year



Average units requested per quarter

Products live on Amazon

*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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