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Vanquish Programs


Our audience is made up of Ecommerce, Marketplace & Amazon sellers ranging from $1M to $100M a year in revenue. These sellers have an active interest in expansion, given the signup acquistion funnel, and therefore our exposure is incredibly targeted.

Right now, we're offering 3 powerful sponsorship opportunities:


“The Ecommerce Expansionist” newsletter with 12,500+ Subscribers, 68% Open Rate:


You will get one advertisement in our main Wednesday newsletter at the top of the fold under a section called "Featured Solutions". This is our most popular sponsorship opportunity.

Copy will include a few sentences about your company and how your service can help Amazon, Marketplace & Ecommerce sellers grow.

The newsletter is published at 3pm GMT+1 every Wednesday.

Cost: $1,500

*15% discount applies when purchasing multiple sponsorship slots.

This is a perfect option if you want "billboard" style visibility for your service. For this option you get an entire newsletter blast dedicated to your company.

Word count is 500 max and can include images of your choosing. This option is always published on Wednesdays for maximum open rate.

Cost: $3,000

LinkedIn with 3,500+ followers:

Our CEO’s (Jonny Staker) posts on LinkedIn receive a high level of engagement with sellers that aren’t on other social media platforms.

The post will be written in his voice organically showcasing your software to his following, and reposted by 3 senior executives.

Cost: $500


When bundling multi-month campaigns, you will receive 15% the total cost.

To secure your sponsorship, please email

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