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Salvatori Case Study


The Italian design company Salvatori, based in Tuscany, produces products made of natural stone. Renowned designers design and create products for walls, floors, bathrooms, and living areas such as tables, lamps, and accessories. With Salvatori, we support one of the first marble manufacturers on Amazon and thus a real luxury brand. Certainly, selling heavy and high-quality marble on Amazon is a challenge, but with the right advertising, millions of people will be reached in a short time and that boosts your brand and your product search on Europe's largest e-commerce platform.


Salvatori is one of the first sellers of heavy luxury items on Amazon and shows that excellent advertising and presence can be made here. It also shows that the products can be presented in a high-quality manner on Amazon through images, text and film material and that they do not lose any of their quality as a result.


Products & brand store live in less than 90 days


Days to unlock Salvatori’s account


Impressions within the fist month

*This case study has been reproduced with written permission from our European affiliates.

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