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Why brands are putting TikTok at the heart of their eCommerce strategy…

TikTok has become a key driver, not just of reach and awareness, but also conversions and sales, which is seeing it take a core role within brands’ eCommerce strategies.

Since it first launched in the UK four years ago, the reach and influence of TikTok have grown at an exponential rate.

TikTok has over a billion monthly active users browsing it's constantly updating feed of video content, from viral choreography to beauty tips to experts sharing practical advice on psychology and wellbeing.

Even more crucially for marketers, the evolving role of entertainment as a core way in which to influence and engage potential shoppers has seen the platform rapidly accelerate the traditional path to purchase.

One in four TikTok users globally say they have either researched a product or made a purchase after watching related content on the platform, according to the platform’s newly launched ‘Marketer’s Guide to TikTok’ aimed at retail and eCommerce brands.

The same proportion have commented on a brand’s account after making a purchase, and have shared content raving about a brand they bought after seeing it on the platform.

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