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What is 'eCommerce Under Management’?

Ok, so it seems at VANQUISH™ we’ve ‘coined a phrase’...

We have an internal name for the eCommerce sales we manage for other non-integral companies, EUM (Ecommerce Under Management).

We don’t describe the companies we assist as clients, we’re very cautious about this.

The definition of a client is "a person or organisation using the services of a professional person or company”, which wouldn’t be an accurate representation of how we work with our companies.

Our service goes way beyond a menu of digital services or consultancies.

We become an integral part of your business, representing you entirely in eCommerce.

A fully integrated partner.

Therefore, the sales that we directly generate for our partners on our Managed Services programs are entirely 'under management’, eCommerce Under Management!

By the way, we currently have $360m EUM…

We can help YOU… because We Deliver!

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