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Warehouse VS. Fulilment Centre

Both warehouses and fulfilment centres act as the foundation of a supply network. In their most simple purpose, they provide you with somewhere to store all of your inventory.

Warehouses and fulfilment centres are both large buildings in which inventory is stored, but there are some important differences between the two. Third-party-logistics ultimately take care of everything from the point an order has been placed online, to the package arriving at the customers doorstep. Everything that you would need to sort out if you were self-fulfilling (picking, packing, shipping, returns and much more) is included in the services and price.

As a business owner, it is important to make the right decisions for your company. If your ultimate goal is to simply store inventory for a long period of time with no sales growth, the comprehensive services of a fulfilment centre are not for you. If your goal is to gain the ability to reach a wider network, increase order volume capabilities, faster operations and fulfilment, full operational integration and customer satisfaction, a fulfilment centre is exactly what you need.

In todays day and age, to meet the changing needs required for customer satisfaction, the ability to pivot quickly and go to where the people are has become increasingly important. Customers want the convenience of speedy shipments without any extra cost to them. A warehouse simply doesn’t have the capabilities to deliver fast, flexible fulfilment in a sustainable way.

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