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The game HAS changed, but we’re not facing up to it…

We’ve gone from 2020 being the best year ever for eCommerce to 2021 being the absolute worst.

In 2020 Amazon Vendor simply switched off PO’s for many brands in favour of ‘essential’ supply mid-COVID. They did it again in 2021.

They destroyed thousands of small, 1P-reliant brands.

In 2022 Etsy came under ethical scrutiny and many of its sellers saw sales decline as much as 70% overnight!

One £7m revenue Etsy exclusive brand came to us in blind panic for help to implement a rescue plan.

Apple’s recent iOs updates have reduced the way we can target buyers across Facebook & Google, meaning that D2C eCommerce brands are now struggling to recoup chasmic losses of traffic.

There are examples like this across every platform, we could go on all day.

The changes are there to see, yet so many companies of all sizes are either oblivious to what’s going on or paralysed by the paradigm shift.

We can either accept it and put the fate of our beloved brands in the hands of the giants, or strategically diversify to minimise the damage and maximise growth.

But that's not easy either!

With so many channel options, and such diversity of retail compliance, integration and management… it has to be implemented extremely carefully.

If you need help building an eCommerce strategy, and an expert to implement it, you’re in good hands with Vanquish.

We have various offers, from our non-implementation mentoring to a full turnkey solution which unlocks hundreds of channels immediately.


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