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At VANQUISH™, we have what we call the ‘Goal Of One’ which guides the decisions we make in our business.

It goes a little something like this;

We start with the idea that the perfect business would have...

➞ 1 Supplier

➞ 1 Product

➞ 1 Customer

➞ 1 Employee

…And we pair back as much as we can and where we can and make decisions as though we only get 1 shot.

The greatest tech companies on the planet strive to provide the least possible features, not more, they strip back.

Business, as in life, is about removing complications not adding them

Look, we may end up with 100 of each, or 1000 of each depending on the size of the business, but it would be relatively paired back (it isn’t literally 1).

With this simple goal in mind, we naturally better choose our quality of products, suppliers, customers, and employees.

We want the MOST profit from the LEAST products and with the LEAST effort.

Anyone saying otherwise is wrong.

Focus on our 'Goal Of One’ when making every single decision in your business

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