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Increasing eCommerce Profitability in Turbulent Times…

Facing uncertainty, strong brands fall back on fundamentals: customer relationships, conservative spending and results.

For their part, faced with uncertainty, consumers turn to brands they trust.

The past 20 years have demonstrated the internet’s reach and potential for commercialization.

Brands like Casper, Dollar Shave Club and All Birds have utilized direct-to-consumer distribution channels to wrest market share from industry giants.

Since then, many new direct-to-consumer brands have flooded the market, riding the wave of search and social media advertising and benefiting from the risk-on mentality of investors, thanks largely to a combination of loose monetary policy and aggressive revenue projections.

Larger enterprises have followed suit, investing in direct-to-consumer business models and creating their own digital shopping experiences, affording them access to valuable first-party consumer data and enhancing their existing omnichannel distribution.

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