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How to exit an eCommerce business at 6X multiples...

Although not as strong as a year ago, we’re still seeing EBITDA multiples of 3.5X and 6X for eCommerce business.

There is a value journey that every brand must take however to reach this:

-If you’re under £1m revenue, and owner-operated…you’ll be lucky to attain 1X to 2X. The potential owner is buying a job, not a business.

-If this is you, your next step is to get beyond £1m. Not for the arbitrary reason most people use the number, but because its usually the point at which you can afford a professional management team.

-At this level you will see multiples of up to 3X. For some this will represent a good enough exit.

-To reach 6X and over, you’ll be gunning for £10m in revenue.

-At this level, from a Private Equity perspective…revenue is stable, you’re professionally managed and you’re scalable.

Happy building...

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