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How PepsiCo is growing eCommerce Profitability…

PepsiCo's tech investment roadmap includes rethinking channel and product mix in order to grow e-commerce profitability, as well as developing internal capabilities to optimize ad bids based on item availability.

In the food and beverage company's pure-play channels, for example, where supply chain expenses tend to be higher, PepsiCo is commercializing specific SKUs that reach a higher average price point, Vince Jones, PepsiCo SVP and global head of e-commerce, said at the Groceryshop industry event last week.

“So we get a little bit more profit in each of those orders [and] get up to a higher average order,” he said. “Or we might do something like focusing less on liquids, more on tablets and powders, and things like that — so really thinking about those things we can do with our assortment in each of the channels.”

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