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Do you need Money or Resources?... Really?

Many business owners go out looking for financial investors in exchange for equity because they believe that it's what they need to grow.

I have even seen them sell equity when they’re already cash-rich, just because they need a partner to help them to the next level…so the equity is just a ’necessary’ transaction!

Before you go out looking to sell equity, know this; No business is resource impaired.

The path to where you want to go is usually a question of ‘who’ not ‘how’.

Why assume that in order to launch a business in another country, for example, you’ll need lots of investment in infrastructure and it’ll take years (as we’re often told)?

What if instead you went out and found someone who already had that infrastructure and did a deal with them?

If you want to deliver your goods from A to B, you don't start a delivery company…you find someone who is delivering to B already and group your parcels with them.

There is no resource where this does not apply, you just need to connect the resources in the right places.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll find someone who can connect with them for you.

When you do, there is no limit to the speed and size at which you can grow!

You probably don't need money, you need resources.

We at VANQUISH™ can help YOU… because We Deliver!.

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