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Do you know your customer pain points throughout the customer journey?

Customer ‘pain points’ refer to the problem areas that your existing, or potential, customers may be experiencing. These pain points can occur throughout the customer journey and can potentially deter customers from converting, or effect the customers shopping experience.

It is important to know the customer journey specific to your customers in order to understand and solve the main pain points. Understanding the journey and pain points is key to staying competitive in the eCommerce industry. It is crucial to understand each of the customer journey stages thoroughly in order to get a perfect balance between what the customer wants and what you deliver.

The customer journey:


•The consumer realises they have a need or a problem

•The consumer starts searching for solutions and may become familiar with your business.


•The consumer has done the initial research and is considering their options.

•The consumer will compare your products or services with others available on the market.


•The consumer has explored all available options and is ready to make a purchase.

•The consumer searches for reviews, testimonials or anything that may help them push their decision to purchase.


•The customer is yours. Focus is now to make them a returning/ loyal customer.

•Get feedback from them and make their experience positive through good service.


•The customer is happy with your product or service and will spread good praises.

Pain points vary depending on the business, however, understanding your customers journey and putting yourself in their shoes can help combat these and ultimately create the best customer experience.


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