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Do YOU know WHY Automation will KILL eCommerce Agencies?

We don’t like agencies… at least most of them!

Don’t pounce on us, there are incredibly good ones out there but having literally spent millions of dollars (and pounds respectively), much of it wasted…we're wary.

At worst there are unscrupulous ‘firms’ out there who will take your dollar and waste it, and ignorant ones who don’t understand how business works and have no commercial conscience whatsoever.

If this was regulated, like finance, they wouldn’t get close!

This makes us angry, very angry.

The best agencies are using automation anyway, and if they’re not they will be soon.

We're pleased because it will empower vulnerable brands to take control.

Evolution will kill off the vultures and leave the best standing, and that's how it should be.

We're happy to share our pick of ‘A Few Good Men’ when it comes to eCommerce marketing agencies, in the hopes it saves you a lot of the dollars we wasted on our own early brand journeys…

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