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Are your conversion rates low?

In such a competitive landscape, driving consumers to your eCommerce store can be difficult. Improving your eCommerce conversion rates is down to creating high quality shopping experiences that provide consumers with all the information they need to make an informed decision and easily complete a purchase.

Offer free shipping

It creates the impression of additional savings and convenience- both strong push factors to optimise your conversion rate. It also also gives people a reason to make higher value purchases = same no. of customers, your revenue becomes bigger.

Limited time coupons

Creating coupon/ discount codes with a time limit creates a sense of urgency and pushes shoppers to make purchase decisions without distractions. Using a countdown clock is a good way to present this and emphasise the urgency.

Abandoned cart deals

If a potential customer abandons their cart, they should receive an abandoned cart email. With this type of email campaign the customer can be reminded about the items in their cart and an exclusive offer or discount can be included.

Live chats/ chatbots

Having live chat support and chatbots to interact with customers onsite can be beneficial as customers can get answers to their questions faster without long wait times over the phone or via email. Leveraging both live chats and chatbots brings the biggest success.

Optimise for mobile

Mobile eCommerce statistics show that 66.7% of all online shoppers use their mobile. If your site is not optimised for mobile, the chances are potential customers will leave your site. Some of the main issues seen on sites that are not optimised for mobile include slow loading times and media not being resized. Not being optimised for mobile can also effect your Google ranking.

User generated content

Showcasing user generated content and customer photos onsite can help build trust.

Include social proof

98% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase. Your reputation and online presence do impact your conversion rate. Have reviews on site and add any links to third party review sites for potential customers.

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