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Are you Struggling to Scale your eCommerce Brand?

Here are a few reasons Why, and What You Can Do About It...


You’ve got the demand, but you can’t finance it to buy enough inventory.

How frustrating!

The funding landscape has changed so much in the last 3 years, and you no longer need a bank.

Look to platform-specific funders such as Shopify Capital, PayPal, Outfund, Wayflyer for a flexible solution.

Or Aldermore & Bibby for a tailored ‘trade finance’ package.

But what if you got really creative?

What if your supplier might improve his terms in favour of more business?

What if your customers would pay you faster because stock is so scarce in 2022?

If you really need to borrow, could you start your own ‘fund’ and go to family, friends and private investors with a 'Pitch Deck’ and provide them with some nice returns?


We don’t need to tell you that paid advertising just got a whole lot harder!

It's harder to scale, and the ROI isn’t nearly as good as it should be. Major D2C retailers like ‘Casper’ can’t scale profitably for that very reason.

It could be time to move away from agencies and implement an automated marketing solution such as Intentwise or AdBadger.

Might we move to embrace Google’s ‘Smart Shopping’ service?

Could we move towards new platforms where the ROI’s are better than current ones, both in terms of marketing and selling?

You’ve Peaked, Or Have You?

Many brands have come out of the COVID eCommerce boom, and find things to be rather, well, flat!

You’ve peaked, plateaued, maxed out. You know it happened because your inventory turns are slower, and you can’t break the barrier.

You just need more channels, easy right?... Wrong!

Do you invest the next 3 months in launching a channel that you find to be unprofitable?

Do you try a few and throw some mud at the wall to see where it sticks? We don’t think so.

Channel suitability is crucial and difficult to identify.

What looks like a good fit often isn’t.

Once you’ve narrowed in on the right one/s, you then need the platform knowledge, API integrations and internal resource capacity for the sheer amount of onboarding work involved.

And then you have to manage the platform and compliance on a daily basis!

There are 100’s of marketplaces, channels and retailers to choose from, and you will be astounded by the uplift in sales when you pick and put the work into the right ones.

What if you could OUTSOURCE all this to an expert like Vanquish?


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