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Achieving International Ecommerce Expansion: The Importance of a Strong Domestic Presence

At Vanquish Commerce Group, we understand that many brands are eager to expand their ecommerce presence internationally, with the global ecommerce market projected to reach $4.11 trillion in 2023 and an expected annual growth rate of 11.51%, reaching $6.35 trillion by 2027. However, we believe that establishing a strong domestic presence is a crucial foundation for successful international ecommerce expansion.

As the fastest-growing eCommerce consultancy and growth partners, we prioritise our brand's long-term profitability and understand that brand control and syndication are key factors in achieving international success.

Brand Control: Avoiding the Profitability Death Spiral

Maintaining control of your brand on local marketplaces is essential before expanding internationally. Many ecommerce teams struggle with issues such as pricing drops, grey market and unauthorized sellers, fake or fraudulent products, negative customer experiences, and reviews. These problems can quickly spiral and impact profitability, making it difficult to allocate resources for global expansion.

A profitable foundation is essential for international growth, as going global can be costly upfront. By addressing brand control issues domestically, you can establish a strong foundation for expansion and ensure that your brand is well-positioned for success in international markets.

Syndicating Your Brand: Strengthening Brand Affinity

In addition to brand control, syndicating your brand on domestic marketplaces is crucial for international success. The more platforms your brand has control over, the lower the risk of price erosion and brand misrepresentation online. This is important for building brand affinity and maintaining a positive customer experience.

When consumers see your brand name, they expect a consistent experience that aligns with your brand values. Syndication helps avoid issues that can lead to the loss of loyal customers, negative reviews, and ultimately, lower profitability. By strengthening your brand affinity domestically, you can better position your brand for success while expanding overseas.

Partnering with Vanquish Commerce Group for International Growth

We understand that international ecommerce expansion requires careful preparation and strategy. Our partner-obsessed approach to ecommerce acceleration prioritises our brand partners' long-term profitability, both domestically and internationally. With our expert teams who have in-depth knowledge of ecommerce marketplaces around the world, we are equipped to help brands achieve international success.

If you're looking to expand your brand internationally, contact us to learn how we can support your growth.


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