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6 Key Factors for Successful Global Expansion in Ecommerce: A Guide for Brands

Expanding to international markets can be a daunting task for any brand, but there are certain key elements that can lead to success.

By focusing on these six crucial areas, companies can increase their revenue and achieve growth in global marketplaces.

  1. Traffic and Conversion Focus.

  2. According to the Vanquish eCommerce formula, traffic and conversion are crucial factors in the success of any global marketplace. Brands need to understand their potential customers and concentrate on optimising efforts such as paid advertising, content creation (images, videos, reviews, etc.), and more. Vanquish helped Maine Home increase their traffic and grow their eCommerce business in America by repositioning their brand and improving their conversion rate optimisation and customer service.

  3. Quality Imagery. Every product needs high-quality images regardless of the marketplace, as this can greatly impact a product’s success. The type of content that works best may vary from marketplace to marketplace, but quality images are always a must. For example, OCCO boosted their sales on Amazon by 500% in just three months after refreshing their brand's creative strategy on the platform.

  4. Maintaining Inventory. Staying in stock may seem like a basic retail principle, but it can be more complex than you think. Brands need to research consumer demand and the specific logistics of each marketplace to determine the optimal amount of stock. When you’re in stock, you can find the ceiling and maintain sales ‘Velocity’ as it is known in the eCommerce world. Dropping out of stock is like pressing reset over and over.

  5. Quick and Effective Customer Service. Many marketplaces base a product’s rating on the speed and accuracy of customer service, so it’s important to have a platform for customers to ask questions and get quick answers. Our mattress partner increased their sales on Shopify by 2x the projected amount in the first month after launching with the help of Vanquish, who provided in-market training for customer service agents.

  6. Account Health and Listing Maintenance. Each marketplace has different account health and listing maintenance requirements, so it’s important to know what steps to take to increase account health and maintain product listings. For example, Amazon's account health is based on factors such as product quality, operational reviews, and buyer feedback.

  7. Efficient Logistics. Going international requires careful research and analysis of logistics, as there can be varying requirements and regulations in different markets. Once the basics of efficient logistics are established, it's a matter of localising the effort and applying those principles to different marketplaces.

By focusing on these six key areas, brands can simplify their global expansion and achieve success on international marketplaces. As a global eCommerce and marketplace partner, Vanquish can help companies expand with the right teams, resources, global structure, and data. Contact us to learn more.


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