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6 Crucial steps to expanding your eCommerce brand into America

Launching in the USA can be daunting, and there are horror stories. Here are 6 steps to help make it a success…

1. Register your trademark with the USTPO. You'll come unstuck with numerous platforms if you don't

2. Get your finances in order. You'll need to be on top of your taxes, EIN's, IRS forms and nexus status' to name a few

3. Do your research. It's a new market, we may speak the same language but it's not the same culture. What works/sells here, won't always sell there. Use software, scope it out, get it right

4. Nail your 3PL. Get this wrong at your peril. Your partner is going to have to be retail compliant across numerous channels, most are NOT and you find out too late

5. Nail your shipping. America is kind of a big place, you need to know your shipping costs and how that factors otherwise you could be paying more in freight than you're making in sales. East Coast? West Coast? Mid West? Yikes!

6. Choose your platform wisely. With so many channels to choose from, each with very unique characteristics and profit will need to choose your launch order carefully. Get it wrong and you could be knee-deep in chargebacks and fees instead of dollars!


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