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4 Strategies for eCommerce Customer Retention…

One of the most critical areas for brands to audit is the cost of acquiring new customers compared to the cost of retaining existing customers.

According to Shopify's latest Future of Ecommerce report, "it's becoming tougher to get a decent return on advertising spend, with the cost per click for paid search ads increasing by 15%."

Similarly, garnering organic traffic has become increasingly challenging, making attracting new customers more complicated and costly.

The most untapped method to grow your Direct to Customer (DTC) brand is with an exceptional customer experience and post-sales strategy.

Nurturing your existing customers extends lifetime value and accelerates the likelihood of customers sharing the love with friends and family, causing a compounding brand affinity effect.

Given today's crowded digital landscape, inflation and the increasing cost of customer acquisition, it only makes sense for brands to double down on their existing customers and go above and beyond to nurture that relationship.

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