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3 Ways Ecommerce Entrepreneurs and Operators Can Adjust to the New Normal…

It was as close to the shot heard 'round the world as there has been in the eCommerce industry.

Apple's iOS 14 update in the summer of 2021 greatly restricted brands' ability to target, remarket and track advertising and email performance.

That, paired with supply chain issues and a rocky economic climate, has altered what was once considered a thriving — and generally simple and profitable — business model: Source a product and run ads on Facebook.

"The channels and economics in what it meant to acquire and retain a customer had completely changed, and continue to be ever-evolving. Brands that could rely on a primary channel to acquire customers quickly saw performance drop off, and diversification became an absolute must," says Structured Agency Partner, David Bozin, who works with many of the top eCommerce brands.

The new normal in eCommerce requires a shift in strategy and execution.

Let's dive into a few of the strategies and tactics that are sure to help your brand combat the new normal.

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